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Closing the Divide

Deep East Texas Council of Governments Regional Housing Authority (DETCOG) is a proud recipient of a GitHub microgrant. Thanks to the generosity of the team at Everyone On this grant will advance our program of digital inclusion. We believe that with digital literacy education the program will enable our clients to continue in their personal growth. Additionally, digital inclusion will provide an avenue for generational positive impact.

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(Left to right) Janett Lewis, Cindy Chionsini, Lindsey Cox, Veronica Thomas, and Larry Alaniz.

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About the Program

Deep East Texas Council of Governments Regional Housing Authority (DETCOG) is happy to be one of the communities chosen to participate in the  2018 ConnectHomeUSA digital inclusion program.


ConnectHomeUSA  (formerly ConnectHome Nation) is a movement to bridge the digital divide for public housing residents in the United States under the leadership of EveryoneOn. Through this digital inclusion program, we aim to bridge the digital gap by assisting our clients in receiving devices such as laptops, tablets, and computers. These devices will not only allow residents the opportunity to access internet services but will enable them to continue their personal and professional growth.


Additionally, DETCOG will provide computer classes to strengthen the resident's digital literacy and efficiency when using their device and to explore online resources. 

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For more information contact

Veronica Thomas

Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator

409-381-5262 ext. 5335

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