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Reasonable Accommodations

A “reasonable accommodation” is a change, exception, or adjustment to a policy, practice or service that may be necessary for a person with a disability to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling, including public and common use spaces. Since policies and services may have a different effect on persons with disabilities than on other persons, treating persons with disabilities exactly the same as others will sometimes deny them an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling.

Federal regulations stipulate that requests for accommodations will be considered reasonable if they do not create an “undue financial and administrative burden” for the PHA, or result in a “fundamental alteration” in the nature of the program or service offered. A fundamental alteration is a modification that alters the essential nature of a provider’s operations.

If an applicant or participant indicates that an exception, change, or adjustment to a rule, policy, practice, or service is needed because of a disability, HUD requires that the PHA treat the information as a request for a reasonable accommodation.

The family must explain what type of accommodation is needed to provide the person with the disability full access to the PHA’s programs and services. The family must explain the relationship between the requested accommodation and the disability.

DETCOG will encourage the family to make its request in writing using a reasonable accommodation request form. However, DETCOG will consider the accommodation any time the family indicates that an accommodation is needed whether or not a formal written request is submitted.

If you need a reasonable accommodation, please contact DETCOG Section 504 Coordinator at 936-238-7771 Ext 5301, or submit the Reasonable Accommodation Request Form by fax to 936-632-5916 or by email to

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