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Waiting List Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already applied...

  1. You may check your position on the waiting list at

  2. The waiting list period is approximately 2 years from the date we receive your application. This is only an estimate, the amount of time you will be on the waiting list is determined by the availability of funds, lottery number and in consideration of DETCOG's established local preferences. 

  3. Mail returned to us will result in your being dropped from the waiting list. It is your responsibility to keep your address updated.

What to expect...

  1. Once the Deep East Texas Regional Housing Authority receives your completed application through the lottery system, it is entered into our system in order of lottery number generated and within established local preferences. This may take up to 45 days. Incomplete and duplicate applications will not be accepted. All persons in the household over the age of 18 must sign and initial all of the forms in the application.

  2. Your application moves up through the list as units become available and in consideration of DETCOG's established local preferences. Preferences are verified during eligibility; if you fail to meet a preference indicated on your application at the time of verification, you will not be given that preference and will be placed back on the waiting list at the position you would have without the preference. Please note that applications are accepted onto the waiting list by preference/lottery method; if it is determined at verification that you did not qualify for the preference(s) you claimed on your original application and those preferences caused your application to be selected by preference/lottery onto the waiting list when it otherwise would not have been selected, your application will be denied. DETCOG will use the lowest number of points selected by preference/lottery to make this determination. For example, if the application with the lowest number of points selected by preference/lottery is 30 points and the removal of preferences claimed that you did not qualify for results in your application receiving 10 points, your application will be denied because apart from the preference(s) you claimed, your application would not have been selected by preference/lottery.

  3. When you reach the top the list, you will be notified and sent an "offer packet" with a checklist requesting all of the required eligibility documents/verifications.  You will be required to submit this information within 10 business days.

  4. This information is based on the information you provided in the application. If something on the checklist no longer applies to you OR has become applicable, it is your responsibility to update that information accordingly and provide the DETCOG with the appropriate documentation.

  5. Receipt of requested documents/verification is a crucial step in the application process. Incomplete packets will result in a notice that you are being dropped from the waiting list and will need to re-apply.

  6. Completed offer packets are worked in date order from the time it is received back in our office.

  7. If background checks are requested or required, these must be complete for the application to be considered complete.

  8. Once all documentation/third party verifications and background checks are received, you will be invited to a briefing meeting.

  9. At the briefing, you will be issued a voucher and briefing packet which will allow you to begin searching for a place to live.

What if I am denied...

Informal reviews are provided for program applicants. An applicant is someone who has applied for admission to the program, but is not yet a participant in the program. 


The PHA must give an applicant the opportunity for an informal review of a decision denying assistance. 

Denial of assistance may include any or all of the following:

  • Decision denying listing on the PHA waiting list (this does not apply to applications not selected by lottery)

  • Decision denying or withdrawing a voucher

  • Refusing to enter into a HAP contract or approve a lease

  • Refusing to process or provide assistance under portability procedures


  • Discretionary administrative determinations by the PHA

  • General policy issues or class grievances

  • A determination of the family unit size under the PHA subsidy standards

  • A PHA determination not to grant approval of the tenancy

  • A PHA determination that the unit is not in compliance with the HQS

  • A PHA determination that the unit is not in accordance with the HQS due to family size or composition

A request for an informal review must be made in writing and delivered to DETCOG either in person, fax or by first class mail, by the close of the business day, no later than 10 business days from the date of the DETCOG’s denial of assistance. DETCOG must schedule and send written notice of the informal review within 10 business days of the family’s request.

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