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MARCH 1, 2023 - MARCH 31, 2023


When the Waiting List is open, pre-applications are accepted online at


Please review your pre-application carefully before submitting and correct any mistakes before submitting. If it is determined at verification that applicant provided false information on their original application, the application will be denied.

DETCOG utilizes a lottery system for admission to the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. DETCOG will accept 1,000 pre-applications onto it's waiting list by lottery. After all complete and unduplicated applications are received during the waiting list opening; DETCOG will conduct a random lottery to select the applicants that will be placed on the waiting list. Applicants will be randomly assigned a number, and the applicants will be placed on the waiting list in order of the assigned numbers and according to DETCOG preference(s).

​DETCOG uses an internet application process to accept applications during the period of the open waiting list. Applications can be submitted from any location with internet access. In cases where elderly or disabled families do not have access to the internet and are not able to access the application through a social service or partner agency, the applicant may request a paper copy of the application. Complete applications must be received and/or post-marked no later than the last day that the waiting list is open.

​Local Preferences

Residency Preference.

Families whose head, co-head or spouse live, work, or have been hired to work in the PHA's jurisdiction will be given a preference. This includes the Texas counties of: Angelina, Hardin, Houston (Houston County does not include Houston, TX nor any part of Harris County, TX), Jasper, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity or Tyler (Tyler County does not include Tyler, TX nor any part of Smith County, TX). The PHA will require formal proof of employment or residence in the jurisdiction at the time of eligibility interview including, a driver’s license, utility bill, lease, hire letter or pay stub with the Head of Household, co-head or spouse’s name and address on it. Applicants who claim a preference for which they are not qualified will have their application withdrawn.

Weight: 100 points

Veterans and Veterans’ Families.
Veteran families will be given a preference. The PHA defines “veteran” as a head of household that was honorably discharged or who is currently on active duty with the following branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and the National Guard (if deployed during war). This definition also includes the spouse of a veteran who is currently on active duty, or the widow of a veteran who was killed in
action. Documentation from the Department of Defense or Veterans Affairs will be required to confirm veteran status.

Weight: 5 points

Victims of Domestic Violence.
The PHA will offer a preference to families that include victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking who have either been referred by a partnering service agency or consortia, or a religious organization. The applicant must certify that the abuser will not reside with the applicant unless the PHA gives prior written approval.

Weight: 5 points

Disabled Preference.
The PHA will give preference to families whose head, co-head or spouse is disabled.

Weight: 5 points


​Families can access the internet application here through DETCOG’s online portal at Access to the application will be available during the entire time of the waiting list opening. Once the waiting list is closed, applicants will be able to use their login username and password to login at to view the status of their application. 

​Applications/pre-applications must be fully completed in order to be accepted by the PHA for placement on the waiting list. Incomplete applications/pre-applications WILL NOT be accepted, and will not be returned for corrections.

​Applications not selected through the lottery system will not be placed on the waiting list. Applicants who, through the lottery system, are not placed on the waiting list may reapply when the waiting list reopens.

Please note that there are no fees associated with applying to the waiting list, any website requesting a fee in order to apply is not related to the DETCOG Housing Authority.

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